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Soul Center Healing Hypnosis / Quantum Healing

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   My journey and path as healer started as a volunteer firefighter/EMT at a young age in small  town Pennsylvania. I have continued that path for many years after graduating as a Paramedic in 1994. Since that time, I have taken every course I could get my hands on in rescue, public service, health and emergency medicine. I worked in a large city in Indiana for 20 years functioning in a heavy trauma system, during that time I held numerous jobs related to emergency medicine in Law Enforcement SWAT and Hazardous Devices, Disaster and Rescue Teams , Task Force and Teams Leader, Flight and Critical Care, Hyperbaric and Emergency Room.

   Although, I have assisted many people in a time of crisis over the years there was something important missing, something western medicine was failing at, which was healing and keeping people from reaching that point of crisis. Grant it, some of the trauma and disaster related crisis's could not be avoided, and that's where emergency medicine is beneficial, maybe the only time, but I realized this very early in my career. Health care has for hundreds of years been run by corporations and banks, the only thing they care about is making money and control, not in healing or curing dis-ease. It took my wife and I moving to a 250-acre ranch in Tennessee to realize more of what we are missing in the healing and strengthening of these earth suits to keep them out of crisis, and that is proper environment to heal. Closely followed by but maybe just as important as, is proper clean water and nutrition. So, we started working towards developing the ranch to take care of those needs. It wasn't till about the end of 2019 that I had another big revelation, because of the planned crisis by the systems who only care about money and control that I realized that all our dis-ease and health problems are more metaphysical in nature. I realized that building up and strengthening our own armor of God we could heal and cure every dis-ease and problematic issue caused to these earth suits. Western medicine attempts to treat the body as a mechanical system by giving poisons to kill or eliminating the ailing beneficial parts, but in fact our earth suit is more like an electrical system and antenna if you will. By taking care of our electrical system and opening the flow of energy we can optimize our bodies to completely heal themselves by clearing blockages and traumas from the triad of mind, body, and spirit.

     This realization has started us on an expanded path with the ranch to create a healing and rejuvenation center which might take a little time to build, but we will get there. By studying and the use of various healing modalities like Beyond Quantum Healing, Soul Center Healing Hypnosis, plant medicine, and the use of frequency we can assist our bodies into an environment in which it can heal itself from every dis-ease. Thus, improving the flow of energy, a vital component of the spark that created us all. You're welcome to join us on our new path of healing, and I hope that we can help you on that journey. Much love for all -Anthony Mowery

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What is Soul Center Healing Hypnosis?


‘Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H ®)’ was created by Laura Whitworth a soul centered modality combining Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing techniques that can do everything and fill in the blanks left by other popular Past Life Regression Techniques, which also works well in the online space.

As Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioners we encounter many situations that are not covered in many popular Past Life Regression Techniques. Clients can have Trauma from this lifetime that needs some work before progressing into past/parallel or multi-dimensional life discovery. Or Clients might have Entity or Energetic attachments that might have made their way in from fractures or cracks in our Aura due to emotional or physical trauma at some point in our lives. These attachments in most cases do not allow the Client to progress successfully into the Theta Brainwave state of deep meditation. Clients need these Entity and Energy attachments removed, their Chakras re-built and their Aura re-sealed before we are able to progress further with the healing session. Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H.) Technique ensures that any Traumas and Entities are dealt with and any Energetic Adjustments are made prior to us embarking on the Past Life discovery or the Higher Self Questions. 


What is Soul Center Healing Hypnosis / Quantum Healing and How can it benefit me?

Stage hypnosis has given hypnosis a bad wrap, you will not quack like a duck, hop around on one foot or do anything for that matter that you don't choose to do. Healing hypnosis is a deep meditative state similar to a daydream, in which we relax the mind, body, and allow your own internal answers to come forth. We all do this numerous times a day, but most of us can't relax enough being in constant flight or fight mode scurrying about our day, not allowing us to listen to your own inner guidance. We enter into the Alpha Brainwave State as we are performing mundane tasks that do not require thought and lower alpha when you are relaxing down to go to sleep. The Theta Brainwave State is a deeper state that all of us are in at least twice a day. Once, just before you fall asleep at night, and just as you wake up in the morning. When you are in the Theta State that is where the best internal guidance, answers, and healing can occur. We can remember how or relearn with the assistance of a facilitator to tune into it. After just one session, for some maybe more, you will be able to get into that relaxed state with ease and be able to self-heal or tap into your own internal guidance for answers. 




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Though the use of the combined hypnosis techniques and the use of Solfeggio Frequency Tuning we will be able to assist you to rebalance, reconnect, and protect your energy centers for an all-encompassing session for your continued journey of self-healing.

Sessions includes the following:

Pre-Session Chat (1 Hour)  

The first Hour involves talking through the Client Paperwork and discussing the Clients requirements and hopes for the session.


Hypnosis (up to 3 Hours) - Progressive Relaxation  

We begin by progressively relaxing the body so the Client is able to successfully enter the Theta Brainwave state.


Hypnosis - Relaxation Of The Mind

We then relax the Mind so the Client drifts beautifully in to the Theta State


Entity Release and Energetic Body Rebuild/Trauma Release

  We will then check for any Entities or Energy attachments to remove them with the assistance of the Archangels and healing teams. If the Chakra’s have been impacted by the Entity that has been attached over time, we will rebuild the Chakras with Archangels, Healing teams, and Frequency to ensure that the Clients Aura is resealed so no new Entities can reattach. If the Client has any suppressed Trauma that needs to be worked through before we go into a Past Life discovery then this will be done here.


Past Life Regression/Multi-Dimensional Soul Travel  

We will then regress the Client into a Past Life or another part of the Clients Multi-Dimensional Self. The Higher Self will naturally guide the Client to the most pertinent lifetime that the Client needs to see in order to give Clarity in the present lifetime.


Higher Self questions and Healing

Once the Past Life discovery is complete, we will then bring forth the Clients Higher Self in order to ask their questions and provide any healing that the Higher Self deems necessary.

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*The session online is up to 5 hrs. You must have a corded over-the-ear headset with a mouthpiece microphone that you can place in front of the mouth (no ear buds allowed), a fast stable internet connection, and a quiet private room free of people, pets, and distractions. This online session is conducted via Zoom. 



 Check out my listing in QuantumHealer.com for Client Reviews