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Legendary Food, Drink, and Atmosphere for Legendary People!

Mr Ropes and Mrs Wings (Anthony and Angela Mowery)

This all starts with a love story of a nurse (the Angel) and a paramedic (the Cowboy) finding each other and their true path to happiness in a small town in Tennessee.... and their love for Legendary Food, Drink and People!

Angela, a critical care nurse, grew up in small towns surrounding Fort Wayne, Indiana. She received her RN from Purdue University in 2003 and went to work for Lutheran Hospital in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. She later transferred to the Lutheran Critical Care Air/Ground Transport Unit, where she continued to render care to critical care patients who needed inter-facility transport.

Tony, a paramedic, grew up in the small town of Middleburg, PA and earned his paramedic license through Penn State's Paramedic Training Institute in 1994. Upon graduation moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana where he worked for the 911 ambulance service and Fort Wayne PD as a Tactical Medic/Bomb Medic (aka FACE). Tony later transferred from the ambulance 911 service to Lutheran Hospital to work for the Air/Ground Critical Care Transport as a Flight and Critical Care Medic.  That's where it all began and that's where two worlds collided...!

Tony and Angela worked together as an incredible partner team on Lutheran Hospital air and ground critical care transport unit. They both knew they wanted more out of life, but it wasn't until they met each other that both dreams came together and created something bigger than both ever imagined. The Cowboy (Mr Ropes) and the Angel (Ms Wings) moved to a small town in East Tennessee on 200 acres and started the ranch they always wanted...where they started out naturally raising Longhorn beef and made homemade products to sell at local farmers markets. They have expanded operations to include naturally raised lamb, pork, Angus beef, and chicken.

In June of 2015, Mr Ropes married Mrs Wings on the ranch overlooking the beautiful East Tennessee mountains, following was a reception that will be forever celebrated as the annual "Devils Week" here on the ranch. I know what you're thinking.... it wasn't that crazy! It was just friends and family celebrating the union of two great individuals with great fellowship, food and drink. They didn't take a honeymoon... What else would you do when you live in the most amazing vacation spot. Ropes and Wings continues to be the spot where friends and family come to reset, relax, unwind...

Angela's parents Mark and Joan Steffen who have been married since 1973! They joined the ranch in 2015, unable to resist the beauty of Tennessee any longer. They have made the adjustment to farm life well, and are a huge asset to the ranch. There is nothing better than family working together, just like they did back in the day! Mark (Grandpa Ropes), shoots a lots of the pictures and video that you'll see for Ropes and Wings, along with Joan (Grandma Wings) as support for operations, procurement, and projects.

Operations continues to grow with the purchase of 50 acres next to the ranch. There we have put beehives in for honey to sell and to eventually for mead making. Future plans will include a orchard, meadery, farm market, restaurant, and cabins, for a place to stay, relax, unwind and reset with great healthy food and products. Each purchase will assist us to build so we can continue to offer excellent products that Inspire, Invigorate, and Indulge your health, senses and taste not to just local markets, but the entire world...  Great healthy food, drink and products acceptable to give to our own family, and to yours... You're welcome to join us on our adventure and keep checking us out for new developments and new offerings! 

Looking forward to seeing ya real soon!