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Digital Download Self Guided Quantum Healing Session - 528hz Meditation - Tuning Forks For Chakra Rebuild

Digital Download Self Guided Quantum Healing Session - 528hz Meditation - Tuning Forks For Chakra Rebuild

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Greetings, my name is Anthony Mowery of Ropes and Wings, I am a Soul Center Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, in which we specialize in the releasement of any trapped or blocked energy in the form of attachments, emotion, trauma, or entities through Quantum Healing Hypnosis. 


I have created this 33 minute Self Guided Quantum Energy Healing meditation as a way of getting your feet wet because you might be thinking of scheduling a Healing Hypnosis Session with a practitioner or you are looking for ways to heal, strengthen, maintain your auric field, and open up the flow of energy again because you feel there might be blockages. These blockages can lead to ailments that manifest physically if left for too long. This is as I like to call it, heal yourself therapy, just like Quantum Healing Hypnosis, but will not take the place of having your own personal guidance of a practitioner to assist you with removing anything that might possibly be in your blind spots. 

Be sure to listen this session in a safe quiet place and is not to be watched while operating equipment!

In this Energy Healing Meditation, we use 528hz frequency as background ambience music and Solfeggio energy tuning forks for each of the chakra frequencies as we rebuild the energy centers. This session is an excellent way to do some clearing and open up the energy flow or to use in preparation for your Healing Hypnosis Session. It is best to listen with earphones. 

This Meditation was created for the purpose of assisting you to release any blockages or trapped energy you may be holding inside the body and auric field, and to help you to raise your frequency and vibration so that you can have an amazing Quantum Healing Hypnosis experience or for general maintenance of the physical, energetic, and etheric body. I have also included an energy center rebalance and aura reseal in this 33 minute meditation

This energy healing session can be used prior to your hypnosis session, or anytime you feel you need to clear your energy and connect with your team of light. 

In this energy healing session, you will connect with your higher self, your guides, and your team of light so they can assist you with strengthening your connection to your higher guidance. 

You can listen to this session prior to your scheduled Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, to strengthen your connection. However, the more you are able to listen, the better your connection will be.

When you purchase this meditation you will get both the video and audio versions through a downloadable link so you can listen anyway you choose.

Thank you so much and I look forward to connecting and working with again in the future.

Much Love